Wood Door Installation Conditions

In order to install wooden doors, it is necessary to ensure that the following criteria are fully fulfilled in order to be able to install wooden doors.

1. The floor plan must be completed

Doors installed on brick foundation (brick foundation must be finished first)

- Doors installed on wooden floors (parquet floors must be finished in advance)

- Doors installed on stone corpses (quarries must be completed first) 

2. Guaranteed wall box Wall waiting box must be completed: Make nail holes, finish layer 1 water-based paint, thick, wide, high to ensure compliance with the contract (Note: use laser or illuminate to check the twist, thickness, wall for warranties)
3. Outdoor windows and doors must be completed before installing wooden doors indoors It is necessary to take measures to protect against the impact of wind, sun and rain
4. The ceiling must be perfect - Ceiling to be completed: Paint water finished
5. For toilet doors

The door is fully mounted on the upper floor

- If the Investor's interior is lined with ½ wall, note that the Investor leaves from the waiting box to the 2cm frame - requires the customer to finish paving bricks and leave bricks as above (only install with brick surface)

- If the inside surface is lined with bricks, it will be installed only on the wall surface.

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